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Blockchain Week ConfErence
from Brussels

June 5 – 11 th

Conference taking place at The Merode
Pl. Poelaert 6, 1000 Brussels

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About BBW

The upcoming Blockchain Week conference to be held in Brussels. The conference will bring together some of the greatest minds in the blockchain and crypto-currency space to discuss the future of these technologies. Attendees can expect to learn about the latest innovations, hear from industry experts and network with other professionals.

As the world increasingly moves toward a digital economy, blockchain technology is emerging as one of the most important technologies of our time. Blockchain is a distributed database that enables secure, transparent and tamper-proof transactions. It has the potential to revolutionize many industries, including finance, healthcare and supply chain management.

The Blockchain Week conference,

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Key speakers
at the week conference 2022

Maria Eisner Pelch
Senior Manager Solutions at CONCORDIUM

Sebastien Gouspillou
Co-Founder and CEO at BigBlock Green Services

Pierre Person
MP of Paris

Matthew Nelson
CEO at Arivu Digital Limited

Evelyn Mora
Founder and CEO at Digital Village

Jérôme Tychey
Founder and CEO at Cometh

Florian Ernotte
Co-founder at

Alexandre Stachtchenko
Co-founder Blockchain Partner
Director Blockchain & Crypto-assets at KPMG France
Co-founder & Board-Member at ‘ADAN

Our past event –
Brussels Blockchain Conference #3: Monetary Policy.

Our past event –
Brussels Blockchain Conference #3: Monetary Policy.

What is blockchain and why is it so important?

In simple terms, the blockchain is a digital record of all crypto-currency transactions. It is secure and incorruptible because it is based on the principles of cryptography.

But why is it so important ?

Because blockchain represents a new way of processing transactions that could potentially revolutionize the way business is conducted. For example, with blockchain, there would be no need for third-party intermediaries like banks or credit card companies. Transactions would be faster, more efficient and less expensive. In addition, security would be enhanced because blockchains are virtually unbreakable.
So you can see why so many people are talking about blockchain and its potential to change the world as we know it. It is still in its infancy, but the potential of blockchain is huge.

Why you should attend the Blockchain Week conference in Brussels from June 20-25, 2022 ?

The world of crypto-currencies is constantly evolving, and to stay on the cutting edge, it’s important to attend conferences like Blockchain Week. This year’s event will be full of insightful panel discussions, inspiring keynotes, and networking opportunities. Regardless of your level of expertise, you’re sure to leave Blockchain Week better informed about this exciting industry. Plus, Brussels is a beautiful city – so what are you waiting for? Register today!

What are some of the applications of blockchain technology?

Since its inception, blockchain technology has been touted as a potentially game-changing innovation that will revolutionize a wide range of industries. From banking and finance to supply chain management and healthcare, there are many potential applications for blockchain technology.

In banking and finance, blockchain could potentially streamline the entire process of clearing and settling financial transactions. This would not only make the process faster and more efficient, but could also help reduce costs associated with intermediary fees and other forms of transaction costs.

In supply chain management, blockchain technology can be used to track the provenance of goods and ensure that they come from legitimate sources. This is especially important for ensuring food safety and preventing counterfeit products from entering the market

How will blockchain change the way we do business?

There is no doubt that blockchain will change the way we do business. But exactly how it will change things is still up for debate. Some believe that blockchain will revolutionize the way we conduct transactions, while others believe it will revolutionize the way we store data.

What is clear, however, is that blockchain has the potential to completely disrupt our current business models and usher in a new era of transparency and accountability. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, now is the time to learn about blockchain and its potential applications in the business world during Blockchain Week in Brussels from June 20-25, 2022

What can you expect to learn at the conference ?

If you’re interested in crypto-currencies, you should definitely check out the Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto-Currencies Conference. This event brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry to discuss the latest developments and hottest topics. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect to learn

-The conference will cover everything from basic crypto-currency concepts and blockchain technology to more advanced topics like smart contracts, distributed ledger technology and initial coin offerings (ICOs)

-You’ll get a glimpse into how these revolutionary technologies are being used by financial institutions, startups and even governments around the world

-You’ll hear from expert speakers on the latest trends in crypto-currency investing

Blockchain Week in Brussels from June 20-25, 2022 is the perfect opportunity to learn about this exciting and rapidly growing technology. This conference will cover everything from basic concepts to more advanced topics, so you’ll be sure to walk away with a complete understanding of blockchain technology and its potential applications in business. Plus, Brussels is a beautiful city – so what are you waiting for?

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